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When we support each other by caring for children, we are caring for the whole family. That's why childcare is One Beat Fam Care! We value inclusion and well-being for everyone, including YOU, mama!
Playing toddlers

Fam Care Membership: $45/month + $10 for each additional child or Drop-in Rate: $3.25/child

Fam Care classes are generally offered for mid-morning classes. See Mindbody App for complete schedule. 

Note: You must add you child as a member on your Family Account to sign them up for Fam Care. Download the Mindbody app and create an account. Go to your Profile, click the Settings gear icon, and click Manage Family Accounts.  

Fam Care

Policies and Guidelines

  • One Beat Fam Care is available for children ages 2 months to 10 years. 

  • Sign up on the Mindbody app (asap because spots fill up or not later than one hour in advance). We generally can’t accept walk-ins because we have a set number of children we can accept in our care at a given time. 

  • Parents must remain in the building while their children are in Fam Care.

  • Children are not permitted in the workout area during class.

  • Parents must complete the liability waiver in the MindBody app prior to leaving children in our care.    

  • Children should not attend if they are showing signs of sickness.

  • Parents may drop children off 5 minutes before class starts and are asked to pick them up within 5 minutes after class ends. 

  • Parents should bring their child freshly diapered. Diapers will NOT be changed by the Fam Care staff. If your child requires a diaper change or assistance in the bathroom, you will be asked to leave class to change/assist your child.

  • If a child becomes inconsolable, you may be asked to leave class to attend to your child. 

  • No food or drink of any kind is allowed in the Fam Care room. Snacks may be provided by the childcare staff but should not be brought by the children. 

  • Children will be released ONLY to the person who dropped them off. 

  • One Beat Fam Care is not responsible for personal belongings. 

  • Medications will not be administered by the childcare staff.

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