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Our Story

One Beat Wellness Studio was born out of the wisdom that movement heals, breath brings us into the present where we can truly feel joyful and alive, and we are not meant to do any of this alone. We've created this place where we can come together to claim the freedom to move the body and cultivate personal and collective well-being in an inclusive community of humans.

Our Studio

This is where the magic happens. Sweat it out in a cardio class or breathe it out in a yoga class...claiming the freedom to move. 


Meet the Team

Our certified instructors are committed to offering classes that is inclusive of all ability levels. Come as you are!

1 - Keshia Polatis.png

Keshia Polatis

Yoga Teacher | Owner


Dan Miller


IMG_0041 - Sherise Allen (1).jpeg

Sherise Allen

Surge Strength, High Fitness, High Yo, Upbeat Barre

IMG_3946 - Angelica Madrigal (1).jpeg

Geli Madrigal



Nicole Petersen

Upbeat Barre

IMG_20210526_131838514 - Sydnie Powell.jpg

Sydnie Powell

Surge Strength, Upbeat Barre, Certified Crystal Singing Bowls Practicioner

AF63A456-5A9C-424C-8228-D769DDF75068 - Lacey Haskell (1).jpeg

Lacey Haskell

Yoga Instructor

4B095888-4B79-4374-81AA-524001E01828 - Trecia B_edited_edited.jpg

Trecia Butt

High Fitness

IMG_8276 - Nicole Stokes (1)_edited.jpg

Nicole Stokes

High Fitness


Lisa Beebe

Upbeat Barre

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